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This Tool serves for it the drivers of PowerVR under Linux user friendly to install. Particularly for SuSE, Mandrake and Red Hat. The Tool provides a scriptfile those the installation in at one time settled.

  • KDE 3.1.x / 3.2.x
  • Qt 3.1.x / 3.2.x / 3.3.x
  • Driver of PowerVR (it gives here)
  • Here it gives Kernelsource
  • RH and Mdk users must have installed additionally all packages with the names of rpm 

  • SuSE (SuSE 7.3 - 8.2 - 9.x)
  • Mandrake (Mandrake 8.0 - 9.x - (10.0 on work))
  • Red Hat (RedHat 7.3 - 9.0 - (Fedora Core 1 on work))

  • More information in the Changelog
Important note:
The graphic surface is arranged completely new, moreover the v0.5.4 remains online.

Kyroworld Forum ( GER )

Here can see to her now the pictures of the most current version (0.5.4 - on-line).

Current version: 0.5.4, 0.5.4- source

CVS is newer: Look here.

CVS Repository download:
  • cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.kkyrocard.berlios.de:/cvsroot/kkyrocard login
    (if for one pwd is asked it gives no simply more enter to press)
  • cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.kkyrocard.berlios.de:/cvsroot/kkyrocard co kkyrocard

Kyro I/II Install Tool (sourceforge.net)
Kyro I/II Install Tool (berlios.de)

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